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Tabdil Tarhe Tadbir Engineers Co

Tabdil Tarhe Tadbir engineering company is one of the most active companies in the consulting, engineering, procuremen and construction which plays a role in oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery and power plant projects based on the technical capabilities of experienced and specialist personnel .
Tabdil Tarhe Tadbir Engineers Co.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction in Oil & Gas,
Petrochemicals, power plants projects and other industries Address: Shahre Ghods,Azadi Sq., Shahid Alami St., Shams Al. No.12, 3th floor, unit 6, Tehran, Iran
Postal code: 3751741989
Tel: 0098 21 4687 39 52
Mobile: 0098 938 496 9412
Email: tenco@yahoo.com
Skype: massudpoor1976